Sunday, February 19, 2006


Defamer points out that Boing Boing has learned from YouTube that NBC has sent a Cease and Desist to You Tube demanding they stop allowing the distribution of the "Lazy Sunday: The Chronic-les of Narnia" SNL scetch.

Who knows the full reason behind NBC's decision, maybe they don't like the idea of our demographic watching SNL, or maybe they don't want too many people to see their content, talk about it, share it and love it.

It is likely due to some sort of copyright or paying talent thing. Here is the deal with that:

It turns out that one of the more common ways to pay talent, for art and other things is to to buy the rights for a certain amount of time, like say a year of use for i picture of Cows grazing, and pay the talent for the number of times a voice over spot with a nasally congested chicken will be airing.

That model has been all well and good for the past 50 years... but now things have to change. Technology has allowed us to enjoy the content we love any time we want. For marketers that is a beautiful statement. We get to make good stuff, and if our market likes it, they will actually expose themselves and their friends to it over and over.

I think I just had an orgasm.

I am not smart enough to figure out how that is going to work, but someone should be. That someone is most likely in the Chapman Ad club.. so hire them all.


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