Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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For the past few months, and continuing through Oct. 15, the Army National Guard is offering three free iTunes song downloads to anyone who agrees to a visit with Guard recruiters. A Guard spokesman said the promotion already has enticed more than 700 people nationwide to begin the enlistment process.

"Just because we are the government doesn't mean we have to act like the government,'' said Lt. Col. Mike Jones, deputy division chief for National Guard recruiting. "(The recruits) learned a little bit about the Guard and they got their item right away,'' Jones said. ``Instant gratification gets a bad knock. It's just the world we live in that mailing in to get a T-shirt (days or) weeks later seems like an eternity.'' The Guard's iTunes ads have appeared in college newspapers and online at various sites this summer, including the Drudge Report. BOSTON HERALD


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