Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Anonymous Post

Just got a comment on the HUMAVELOPES. See I HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU. It reads:

"the suspicious van was original. the humanvelopes were kinda hokey. you guys ripped off goodby's beer tree ad where the guy says were home or something like that...even the music was the same."

See "Beer Tree" here. It's a classic. However, it's not nearly the same concept. That's about a tree that is cool because it has beer. So Mr. Male Eighteentothirtyfour is all giddy at seeing it.

I am guessing that the below genius is what is being compared.

There are three similarities:

The word home
The word we
The song from 2001: Space Odyssey

The Humanvelopes campaign was anything but common. If fact the following words have been used to describe them by NSAC judges:

A BIG idea

(not hokey)

I also don't agree with the statement that "the suspicious van was original." in fact ,googlesuspicious van and you get 691 results, google Humanvelopes and you get 5 (and we created all five)

Need I say more?


At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously anonymous commenter,
The reason why space oddessy 2001's song is used in two commercials is the same reason why its used in 2000!!! Its a symbolic song and was not created for the beer commercial, genius. You are probably from the suspicious van school anyways.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Evan said...

Well put

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think either campaign was really effective. In fact I did not really see any campaign that would trully fulfill the case objectives. Virginia's campaign was as lame as the postal vault hall of fame. lets get a computer to tell us how to lay out our ads because we cant figure it out ourselves.

I think the bad thing about the humanenvelopes was the part about who you were targeting. you created these goofy, laughable, cute characters and you think that home builders and contractors are going to respond to them? the only way that you would be able to get around that is if the writing wasnt gay and made some kind of connection with a manly construction worker. as for what the judges had to say...chucky boy and his buddy danny g are not even qualified to make decisions especially regarding creative. the other 3 just went along with the show. I think you guys have talent but the campaign was no indication.

The suspicious van group had a good strategy, their creative however fell short as it relyed on the big idea of a van driving around with the actual letters "suspicious van" on the side. they had funny billboards too. It was clever, probably the only campaign that got me laughing but i felt there was no substance.

I thought there was a lot of potential in the school who had print with great headlines inside a red box. there were teams who were totally against fear and i think they would have a different opinion if they didnt actually go and ask the target if they would respond to fear. i think marketing 101 talked about research and unaided/aided awareness.

Nonetheless this competition is clouded by the subjective interpretation of a few people picked to sit and say yes to whatever the client believes. but hey it's the real world so what really matters is if you had a good time and can stand behind your work.


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