Monday, May 08, 2006


That is what I said to Pooli the other day, about 3:00 in the morning while we were NSACing.

Like Crispin Porter is an imaginary agency like Crispin Porter. Go to their site, its hilarious, you'll love it. Trust me.

"At Like Crispin Porter we create work that is like Crispin Porter's work. Of course Like Crispin Porter is not exactly the same as Crispin Porter. We don't have clients. Or an office. Or a staff. In that sense I guess we could have called ourselves Like Grey Worldwide Canada. But we didn't. Because we're Like Crispin Porter."

"Why can't we be cool too? Why can't we be Like Crispin Porter? Why, why why? I think we can. We just need a client. One client. Any client. Here client, client. Here client, client."

that's a joke, but some brands do it for real.

If you were at the CP+B event at USC, you would have heard the speaker there say that magic happened when they convinced Burger King that they didn't have to be like Mc Donalds. Burger King became successful.

Apple doesn't try to be like Windows. Apple is Apple, and, subsequently are a cultural icon. Once you are like, then you are not. I am therefore I am not like? Sum Ergo "not like"........?

Seth wonders:

"about the McDonald's redesign.

Sure looks like Starbucks. Will it work?

The challenge McDonald's faces is not to be like Starbucks. Why? Because Starbucks is already like Starbucks. The challenge is to to tell a story to the existing McDonald's fan, a story that combines fresh and comfortable with the stuff they've always liked and trusted (the place is cheap, and it feels cheap, which makes it easier to bring the baseball team...)"

Who are we?


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