Tuesday, April 04, 2006


You may have heard about YouTube, or Turbo Nick ( Nick as in Nickelodeon )

Two major viral video portals you may not know of yet are Channel 101 and Channel 102. Think of these sites as the localized, viral video equivalents to The networks.

Here’s how it works: anyone can submit a TV show pilot (up to five minutes long). Every month the shows are screened for live audiences in Los Angeles (Channel 101) and New York (Channel 102), and viewers can vote on which shows to renew and which shows to cancel. The top five shows then become the “prime time” lineup, while the losing shows are cancelled forever. At the next month’s viewing, the prime time shows test new episodes against a new selection of pilots, and so on. Plus, you can download episodes you like to iTunes and syndicate those series you like through iTunes Video.

Its about time someone took these viral videos an honest woman out of them, eventually we will need to filter out the crap for consumer generated media worth watching. This seems like a good try.

Thanks, Trendcentral Newsletter!


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