Monday, March 13, 2006


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The Proxy
My supervisor was not in today. Instead, she gave me directions over the phone. I had to pick up some tapes and get them back to the editors (they call them Mr. Ed) in order to make a montage by tomorrow morning.

He wasn't that happy to see me.

I picked up the tapes from the Valet at my bosses condos in Marina Del Ray. That place was sexy.

I also got to send another e-mail to The Client (I chose to capitalize The Client, maybe I should consider spelling it with a "_" as in "The C_t") It is cool, but scary. Every time I press send my heart drops, and I know i fucked up, misspelled something or accidentally sent them porn.

usually it turns out I was over reacting (usually).

Finally I spent the rest of the afternoon copying a folder, exactly as it was handed to me. ("with the stickies and handwritten notes exactly as they are on here") which at times meant 2-sided copies of the notes taken on the back of pages. Plus, it was highly delicate information, so I was cautioned not to let anyone else see what I was copying.

The result was me looking like I was stealing confidential information, good thing no one knew that I am black...


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