Tuesday, February 28, 2006


"Last fall, Jones Soda made two appearances on Good Morning America. In one, anchor Diane Sawyer sipped the company's Brussels Sprout soda and gagged. In the other, commentator Joel Siegel asked for a sea-sickness remedy before sampling a flavor called Broccoli Casserole."

There is a story in INC about a sexy marketing tactic involving an Unpalatable version of your own product.

Jones Soda actually made something that no one would want, gave it to on-air personalities and considered it a victory, when, they talked on air about how disgusting their product is.

"Most beverage makers would cringe at the thought of well-known television personalities choking on their soda in front of millions of viewers. But not Peter van Stolk, who founded Seattle-based Jones Soda in 1996. Van Stolk, whose company caters to hipsters in their teens and twenties, has always been known for offbeat marketing tactics."

"If your competition can't figure out your next move, they can't get you." Says founder of the Seattle-based Jones Soda, Van Stolk


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